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ARCTIC COOLING DCACO-V800001-GBA01 Fluid Dynamic VGA Cooler

Item #: 9B-35-186-097  |  Mfr. Part #: DCACO-V800001-GBA01
$89.99 Save: $9.00 (10%)

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    Top Favorable Review

    Silent but Deadly!

    This thing was fairly easy to install even with poor instructions. Temps have changed drasticly. 55 degrees max when playing games at max settingsat 1440p. VRM temps are very reasonable as i have see VRM 1 only reach around 80 degrees once ... Read more
    — Marcus H. 3/24/2014

    Top Critical Review

    Probably best VGA cooler around

    Biggest con is that they removed RAM and VRM heat sinks.. like what were they thinking? Remove that useless "back plate" and gives us back the heat sinks which actually made a difference in temperature. People are getting amazing temperatures ... Read more
    — Frederick M. 6/28/2014

    Quick Info


    • Limited Warranty period (parts): 2 years
    • Limited Warranty period (labor): 2 years

    Nvidia GeForce: GTX Titan (Black), 780 (Ti), 770, 760, 750 (Ti), 680, 670, 660 (Ti), 650 (Ti,Ti boost), 580, 570, 560 (Ti,SE), 550 Ti, 480, 460(SE), GTS 450, 250, 240 (OEM) AMD Radeon : R9 290(X), 270(X), R7 265, HD 8870, 7870(XT, GHz), 7850, 6970, 6950, 6870, 6850, 6790, 5870, 5850, 5830, 4890, 4870, 4850, 4830, 3870, 3850, 3690
    92mm, 900 - 2,000 RPM (Controlled by PWM) x 3 Fans)
    Noise Level:
    0.5 Sone @ 2,000 RPM
    Fan Dimensions:
    54mm x 288mm x 104mm (H x L x W)
    Heatsink Dimensions:
    23mm x 218mm x 98mm (H x L x W)
    300W Cooling Power Brings Out Best in Enthusiast-Grade AMD & nVidia Reference-Layout VGA Patented One-Piece Backside Heatsink Cools Entire Card & Further Enhances Cooling Performance Triple Ultra-Quiet 92mm PWM Fans with Low-Noise Impeller, SLI/CrossFire Compatible ...


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    Customer Reviews of the ARCTIC COOLING DCACO-V800001-GBA01

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    4 out of 5 eggs Based on 18 Reviews

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    • Thomas Q.
    • Verified Owner

    4 out of 5 eggs It works.

    Pros: I installed the Arctic Accelero Extreme IV on a Visiontek R9 290x with revised heatsink, and it works great.

    Essentially if you have a R9 290x with a "2nd gen heatsink" like on my card, there will already be heatsinks on VRM chips and Ram and a passive cooling backplate from the factory. This allows you to skip installing the backplate from Arctic, and the factory installed heatsinks will work in with the Arctic Accelero.

    Load temps in low 60's with fan set at 75%. I would strongly advise manually adjusting the fan speed to the highest percentage your ears will allow. 100% is a little noisy - 60% is quiet, and somewhere in between works great when your gaming with sound to cover the fan noise.

    Cons: One of the gpu mount screws stripped, but still worked enough to mount cooler.

    Metal bracket surrounding the coolers "cold plate" the part that touches the gpu, flexes under very little screw tension.

    Essentially I think the cooler and screws are made from junk metal. All different grades of steel are available, and it seems Arctic has saved some pennies here. Really not a surprise, and doesn't present much of a problem, but the cooler might not fare well from multiple installations/ switching cards down the road.

    Bottom Line: If you have a reference cooled R9 290x, pick up some heatsinks for the VRM and Ram chips, for a little extra headroom. Cooler will probably work without them, but overclocking the Ram etc. could present problems.

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    • MELANY G.
    • Verified Owner

    3 out of 5 eggs

    Pros: easy installation on card

    Cons: does fit well in macpro over width about half a inch

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    • David S.
    • Verified Owner

    5 out of 5 eggs

    Pros: Installed on a stock R9 290x after getting tired of the wind tunnel cooler that it comes with.

    After playing Crysis 3 on High for 30 minutes, the core and vrm temps hovered around 65c, with the fans on max.

    Even on max the fan is barely audible if you're playing a game or listening to music.

    Cons: Took a couple hours to figure out how to install the cooler, while triple checking to make sure that everything was done right.

    Bottom Line: Use a fan control software.

    During my first run with this the vrms were hitting borderline uncomfortable temperatures (107c~) as a direct result of the fans not going above 25% because the stock card doesn't bring its own fan on until its core hits a rather high temperature (which this cooler was keeping well below that, even with the fans on lowest).

    Once I realized this and set up my own profile for the fans this worked absolutely flawlessly.

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    • Frederick M.

    3 out of 5 eggs Probably best VGA cooler around

    Pros: The temperatures are amazing.

    Cons: Biggest con is that they removed RAM and VRM heat sinks.. like what were they thinking?

    Remove that useless "back plate" and gives us back the heat sinks which actually made a difference in temperature.

    People are getting amazing temperatures on the GPU all over the net but the VRM's are hitting 105-110 degrees C for some people.. Come on Arctic.. Scrap the backplates and put the heatsinks back.

    I am who tested this and what were they thinking?

    Was this even tested at all?

    People should stick to the ARCTIC Accelero Xtreme III until they fix this. They are compatible with R9 290/X anyways.

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    • Kuo L.
    • Verified Owner

    5 out of 5 eggs COOL stuff!

    Pros: - Works extremely well cooling down 290X
    - Almost silent, barely any sound at all
    - Great customer service, very responsive

    Cons: - Bulky, need metal to get rid of the heat perhaps

    Bottom Line: Read a lot comments from both sides before ordering. Haven’t seen better alternative, stock cooler can’t cut it. Saw lots of funny comments all over though.

    Followed instructions, mounted on 290X. Agreed with some, not easy one to mount, took time. But 290X demanded attention. Left room for airflow, set fans @ 100% and benchmarking 72 hours straight. Temps fell off the cliff compare to stock. Cooler didn’t budge.

    Gaming heavily for last 3 weeks, two opponents on 290X but with stock dropped off in smoke, kicked some serious rearends. 290X worked great, temps under control. Again, Xtreme IV didn’t budge. Don’t mind fans @ 100%, better be careful than sorry, very quiet anyway.

    Needed extra stuff during installation, lost them, my bad. Emailed Arctic and got what I asked for in days by mail. Cool service. Much better than what I can say about some others.

    Rid stock cooling before taking 290X into battle. Good to go here with Xtreme IV

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    • Kuo L.
    • Verified Owner

    5 out of 5 eggs Good quality product, great result!

    Pros: It cools the beastly R9 290 as advertised
    Handled very well under various load conditions
    Definitely earned bonus points from me with its quietness
    Good concept of having a one-piece passive heatsink covering the length of the card
    Thermal paste was already in place, saving the guess work, non-capacitive, too!
    Super long factory warranty gives me less worries

    Cons: Certainly looks very intimidating when laying all the accessories out on the table
    It’s not for someone lacks of patience to play with
    Rather heavy to handle and bulky to install, taken up more space than preferred

    Bottom Line: This is a heavy-duty (literally!) but solidly-built cooler with aggressive cooling features both in front and at the back (first I’ve seen). This combination is nonetheless surprisingly effective in keeping the demanding R9 290 under control. Front cooling components include an enormous heatsink with 5 copper heatpipes and a single contact point with the GPU. Back cooling component consists of a solid piece of aluminum heatsink plate extends from end to end of the 290.

    Installation in theory was pretty simple, align the holds, tightened the screws and there you go. In reality the process was a lengthy one and really testing my control over my anxiety. A quick tip: a sharp cutting blade would be very helpful when dealing with the thermal pads. Everyone all has a horror story about problems and I had to do trial-and-error a few times just to get it right. Hey, we all want to see our mods up and running in minutes, but that ain’t happening, so just “get a grip!”

    I like the fact the thermal paste in place was non-capacitive because the static built-up and a little over-zealous portion of paste can be disastrous. While I wish the finished assembly could be skinnier but I get that something has got to give somewhere. That reality adjustment is always the tough part when the expectation strayed far off the course.

    I had my doubt leaving the RAMs without heatsinks but after running the mod for over a month now and several hard fought tournaments, I did not see any temperature issue worth mentioning and believe me, I checked with my infrared thermometer often to be sure the temperature is stable and within the range I feel comfortable with. I am a firm believer of putting best-matched components in my mod so I can get the most out of them. Fancy stuff does not always work well together.

    As far as my mod goes, I’m happy with the performance now comparing to when I had the stock cooler on my R9 290. It does what it said it would do for me and I’m happy with that.

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    • Anonymous
    • Verified Owner

    1 out of 5 eggs Asus Thermal Armored Motherboards AVOID!

    Pros: Good quality product with everything you need
    Instructions are straight forward

    Cons: Very Heavy
    Very long
    Cooler sticks about 2-3 inches past the card
    4 slot card

    Bottom Line: Installed into Corsair 500R
    Asus Sabertooth Z77
    Reference AMD Sapphire 290

    I've spent a very long time prepping my video card to install this cooler. I even purchased Zalman VRM heatsinks to help keep the VRMS cool.

    This Cooler design DOES NOT fit on Asus Thermal Armored Motherboards. I clamps holding the Patented back heat sink hit's the Thermal Armor on Sabertooth Z77 motherboard. The GPU never gets fully slotted into the PCIE. I didn't not want to remove those three clamps holding the heatsink without taking off my thernal armor for this.

    The product is meant to compress the thermal pads onto the rear of the GPU, With only three clamps the rear end of the heatsink lifts up; relieving compression of the thermal pads. The product was not designed to work this way.

    I decided to remove this cooler and sent it back to newegg but I am VERY disappointed that I'm beling charged for re-stocking when the description clearly NEVER mentioned about certain Motherboards having clearance issue's.

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    • Lazaro C.
    • Verified Owner

    5 out of 5 eggs You get what you pay for!

    Pros: Got sicked and tired of stock cooler on my 7870 GHz. Xtreme 4 lowered temperature by more than 20C idle and almost 30C at full load with so little noise I'd barely hear it running at all! Price is decent for what it does. Loved the warranty but hopefully never have to use it. Highly recommended must-have for any high performance GPU!

    Cons: None so far

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    • Anonymous
    • Verified Owner

    5 out of 5 eggs Godsend for my 290X - whispering quiet!

    Pros: Sooooo quiet!
    Really cools
    No glues

    Cons: Size
    Installation instructinos

    Bottom Line: Anyone who owns 290X knows that the stock cooler has got to go, no excuse. I set out looking for alternative to improve the performance of 290X and after reading the rave review on Xtreme III, I decided to go with the new Xtreme IV.

    Delivery was prompt from Newegg and the package arrived without any damage just as I expected. Kudos to Newegg!

    I took extra caution installing the cooler after seeing some others seemingly having trouble getting the desired results. It's certainly different than anything else I've seen and took me a while to struggle through the process. A single heatsink instead of a bunch of smaller ones and without having to deal with applying thermal glue over and over again simplified the process but it’s not a cakewalk by any means.

    I was a little skeptical at first about the effectiveness of the passive cooling design knowing how much heat 290X can put out. This cooler knocked my socks off with its cooling performance. With moderate OC, it was whispering QUIET even after putting some pretty heavy load for benchmarking purpose. I no longer feel like living next to a wind tunnel anymore and that experience alone is worth the price! But wait, there is more!

    It COOLS! GPU temp was holding steadily and much much lower than the stock cooler. VRM temp didn’t drop off the cliff but was somewhat expected with the heatsink contacts at the back of the card. It never reached levels worth alarming about. I upgraded my case cooling because of that just to be on the same side and saw no ill effect at all. Being extra careful is always better than sorry.

    Better cards will come along soon rendering 290X obsolete but it’s always good to know the uber-long factory warranty will keep my investment safe for now and the foreseeable future. 6 years is a long time for a graphics card and I know I’m covered.

    The only beef I had was with the sheer size of the cooler. I don’t have much space left with heatsinks on both sides of the card. That could present a challenge sometimes down the road. Other than that, I’m a very happy camper right now!

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    • Anonymous

    5 out of 5 eggs Wow! What a cooler!

    Pros: • Did what it's advertised to do - cooled down my 290X!
    • Seriously kicked rear-end of stock cooler
    • Personal preference: fan @ 100% for best results
    • Pretty easy to install
    • Long warranty

    Cons: • Size: it's huge with the heatsink at the back
    • Instruction is a bit too over-simplified but tolerable
    • Demands patience to install properly but acceptable

    Bottom Line: Everyone seemed to have different experience here but mine was relatively speaking uneventful. It's probably because I really took my time putting it together and making sure I didn't miss anything at all.

    Allowing sufficient spacing and having well-positioned ventilation were critical in my setup. I was surprised to see the size of the big heatsink at the back but seemed to perform well once all key heat-emitting areas were covered properly after installation.

    I've had it setup and running for a few weeks now and I have to say I felt lucky to get it right the first time and could not be happier to do away with the stock cooler.

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