No Heat. No Electricity. No Pouches.

Ideal for your of?ce, school and home laminating needs. The patented easy-loading cartridges eliminate the need for pouches. Without heat, electricity, or warm up time, effortlessly laminate or apply magnet to your documents and projects. Xyron Cold lamination will never peel allowing you to cut to the edge or leave a border.

Perfect tool for protecting, preserving, and presenting.
Apply two-sided laminate, or laminate with magnet, to items up to 9 inches wide and 60 feet long.
This portable cold laminator requires no electricity, batteries, or warm up time.
The cold application laminate is photo safe, allowing you to work without the worries of heat or toxic fumes.
Easy drop-in cartridges allow for quick changes between two-sided laminate and a combination of laminate and magnet.
Machine is preloaded with 15 feet of two-sided laminate.
Sold as 1 Each.

The Xyron ezLaminator cold laminator makes laminating easier than ever. It is portable and requires no electricity or batteries. It operates simply by hand with no fumes or mess. The lamination is photo safe and ideal for a variety of documents up to 8.5" wide. It's perfect for items that need protection, including certificates, manuals and diagrams. The Xyron ezLaminator comes pre-loaded with a 15' long starter cartridge of two-side laminating material.