-Compatible iPhone / iPad / iPod charging cable - magnetic and detachable to reduce charging port damage from repeated insertion and removal of charging plug. When not charging magnetic head can be left in the device as a dust protector and is more secure on waterproof devices.
-Able to power various compatible Apple devices with connecting the device to your wall power supply, Compute or Laptop - power or charge compatible iPhone / iPad / iPod and other iProducts
-Transfer data between your compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod to your MacBook / MacBook Pro.
-Charge your compatible Apple devices from a USB A wall power supply, or wall supply with USB A adapter, car with USB A charging plug, laptop, or desktop computer.

iProduct charging cord with LED indicator - red when charging and turns to blue when fully charged. When cord is plugged into a power source the blue light indicates that it's working and ready for use. This cord is great for powering and charging compatible Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) - also for data transfer between devices - iPhone / iPad / iPod to MacBook / MacBook Pro and vice versa.
In a jam you can use it to maintain power on your Macbook for temporary low activity usage.