Garland Technology Inline Edge Security Bypass TAPs are typically used with inline security appliances such as next generation firewalls and intrusion prevention systems. Bypass TAPs are used to connect a monitored network segment to an inline active appliance and monitor the appliance’s health. If an appliance goes off line for any reason the Bypass TAP will automatically switch to ‘bypass mode’ keeping the network up while the issue is resolved. The EdgeSafe 10G Bypass Modular Network TAP supports bypass, breakout, aggregation and regeneration/SPAN modes.
Network speed: 10G.
Bypass TAP Module: SR Multi-mode Fiber.
Media: Network (2 SR Multi-mode, LC-Fiber); Monitor (2 SFP+ Cages).
Modes: Breakout (Yes), Aggregation (Yes), Regeneration/SPAN (Yes), Bypass (Yes).
SFP+ SR10: SFP+ 10Gigabit-SR Multi-Mode Fiber LC Connector - only supports 10G.