The Adesso NuScan 510 Visual Presenter is a great device for image capturing, video recording and presentation. The amazing capturing quality lies in the Adesso NuScan 510’s great components, including a 5.0 MP CMOS, a down-facing lens, and up to 14 LED lights. By connecting it to your PC via the USB port in the back of the presenter, you can capture real-time images of 3D objects (up to 11.7 x 16.5 x 15” in size), magazines, books, documents, pictures and business cards and present through a monitor or projector. Use the included ArcSoft MediaImpression HD software with your NuScan 510 to easily edit both images and videos with the advanced editing tools, plus enjoy the convenience of sharing files directly from software. ABBYY FineReader software also accompanies your NuScan 510 and offers an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) function that scans your captured documents and extracts text, making it easy to share information in other applications without retyping. The NuScan 510 combines all the great features of today’s most popular image capturing devices into one powerful product.

General information

Industry Use:

  • Education (e.g. Schools and Universities)
    Use for lectures and presentations.
  • Medical (e.g. Hospitals)
    Use to archive health records digitally.
  • Government (e.g DMV)
    Use to archive documents or IDs digitally.
  • Legal (e.g e.g Court and Law Offices)
    Use to archive legal documents digitally and to present evidence in court.
  • Financial Institutions (e.g Banks)
    Use to archive financial documents, checks, deposit slips and those alike digitally.
  • Enterprise (e.g Corporations and Small Businesses)
    Use for presentations, communication and to archive important documents.


  • Operating System: Windows 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP
  • Intel Based Processor
  • Connectivity Interface: USB 2.0 Port


  • Adesso NuScan 510 Visual Presenter
  • USB Cable
  • Software CD (ArcSoft MediaImpression HD and ABBYY FineReader Sprint)
  • Soft Position Pad
  • Quick Start Guide
Faithfully captures

The Adesso NuScan 510 is equipped with a 5.0 MP CMOS, a down-facing lens, and up to 14 LED lights. Anything under the Adesso NuScan 510 will be quickly and faithfully converted into digital format without any distortions. You can choose from three operating modes, including text, graphics and high frame (30 frames per second maximum). The Adesso NuScan 510 supports image file format (TIF, JPG, BMP, and PNG), doc file format (DOC, TXT, PDF, and XLS), and video file format (AVI). Your digital document can reach a resolution of up to 2592 x 1944, and your video file can reach a resolution of 3 MP.

Scans any kind of document, picture and object

No matter the size of your documents, pictures or 3D objects, you can capture like child’s play. The shooting area measures 16.5”L x 11.7”W (420 x 297mm). You can capture A3-sized document or pictures. With a big height, even high objects can be put in. The Adesso NuScan 510 offers a focal length from 4” to 15” (101 to 381mm), allowing you to zoom in to get more details and zoom out to capture a larger area.

Six-in-one functionality

In addition to scanning documents and 3D objects faster, the Adesso NuScan 510 can work as a webcam to record high resolution videos. It can also be used to copy, share, or store images. The camera captures clear and focused images that can scan documents, fax electronically, or project images on a monitor using a computer.

ArcSoft MediaImpression 3 HD software for digital filing, editing and sharing

With the included ArcSoft MediaImpression 3 HD software, you can organize and view all your captured images and videos in one location. Staying organized couldn’t be easier, use the advanced auto face and scene tagging functions to automatically have your images and videos sorted by face detection or similar scene surroundings. Enjoy easy-to-use photo and video editing tools that let you customize every detail. Easily erase red eyes, retouch images, adjust colors, rotate, crop and much more. Also enjoy adding cool transitions, themes and text to your videos and slideshows with one click. You can also use the included software to share files directly through email or to popular social networks like: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, and Vimeo. Sharing your image and video files is as simple as a one click!


Use the included ABBYY FineReader Sprint Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to extract text and pictures from NuScan 510 captured images of documents, books, magazines and any other images containing text. This software will convert your images to an editable PDF, Word or Excel files with editable text boxes and picture images.