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Memory-Up is a proven supplier for our clients since 2003 by providing great products and excellent services. We love to help our clients with their upgrade needs for Server, Laptop, and Desktop Memory and SSDs. Give us a call at 1-888-725-4555 if you have any questions and we love to help!

Return Policy

Standard Return Policy

  • Return for refund within: 30 days
  • Return for replacement within: 30 days
  • Restocking Fee: 15.00%

RMA Policy

Memory-Up gladly accept DEFECTIVE EXCHANGES on products within 30 days of original invoice date. Provided you have contacted Memory-Up and been issued an RMA#. After the 30 days of the original invoice date, we can provide only lifetime warranty for memory and 3 years warranty for SSD. Memory-up shall have sole discretion as to the credit method. We may issue a credit, ship a replacement product, exchange or we may repair the item and return it to you. Non-defective returns might be subjected to a restocking fee.

RMA instructions

When you return an item, you may see different return options available. To request:
1. Log onto your NeweggBusiness.com account. Select New RMA Request option under My Account. Find your order in order history.
2. Click Return an item from this order option to start.
3. Select the return type from Refund or Replace.
4. Select the item(s) you wish to continue.
5. Specify more details, including item quantity, and any additional comments or messages regarding your request before click SUBMIT button.
6. It will take up to 24 - 48 hours to respond to your inquiry after Customer Service Representatives receive your inquiry.
7. Once your request is approved, you will be provided with detailed instruction through e-mail. The e-mail contains RMA number, RMA details and important return shipping instruction. Read the instruction carefully before shipping your return merchandise back.
8. We strongly recommend you return your item in the same or similar packaging as they were delivered to you with all the original parts, accessories and menu/documentation included (any missing parts or accessories may result your return being rejected or your refund/replacement being delayed). Re-using the package your item came in is acceptable, as long as the packaging is in good condition and all previous addresses, tracking information and labels are removed.


4 out of 5 eggs Based on 163 ratings

To rate this seller or report a problem, please use the link provided in the order confirmation email or the order history section located in your account settings.
Please note that customers may submit star ratings for sellers and have the option not to submit written reviews, which can result in a lower number of reviews. All ratings are accrued to the seller’s current total star rating.
  • Anonymous

4 out of 5 eggs Excellent service and product as described!

This is my second purchase from the seller (MemoryUp) and the price, item and delivery were excellent! I will buy again.

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  • Anonymous

4 out of 5 eggs Excellent Customer Service

My RAM was shipped quickly, but the seller first contacted me to make sure I was ordering the correct product for my machine. I was, but really appreciated the communication and help from the seller.

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  • Katherine Green

4 out of 5 eggs FAST


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  • Evert W.

4 out of 5 eggs

Seemed to take a while to get first shipment update, but still got here early with the free shipping option. Memory modules working fine so far so no complaints.

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  • David W.

4 out of 5 eggs Old memory, hard to find. works eggcelent!

Memory showed up early, works fantastic in my old rig. Would buy from seller again. Great price. Thank you!

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  • Anonymous

4 out of 5 eggs So slow and didn't work

Feb 17th - Feb 22 for an invoice to be created and card charged. Then for the next 5-days tracking showed it had not been picked up. Total order to delivery time was 10-days. Unacceptable for 2021. Memory is described as 'guaranteed compatible,' but did not work in my 2020 Sager laptop. While both cards can function only one new and one of my old sticks post. Both new sticks of ram (2-available slots) will not post together.

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  • Lynne V.

4 out of 5 eggs


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  • Jason N.

4 out of 5 eggs HORRIBLE experience! TEN DAYS late in even started the order fulfilment.

ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE experience! Company was 10 days late in even acknowledging I had placed the order. When I attempted to contact them, multiple times, I was ignored. Newegg's customer service contacts were ignored. Newegg failed to stand behind their standards for orders placed, even with Third Party sellers. Seller eventually sent the order, I had long since placed a replacement order with another retailer, (starts with "A"), order arrived BEFORE the original one place here--you know, THAT company fulfills orders in TWO DAYS for THEIR customers. I sent this order back, as I do not need it any more. The replacement arrived two weeks before this order did. A MONTH had passed, and the refund is still pending. I have LONG since placed a dispute on the transaction with my bank, I expect to get my money back tomorrow, as the time limit for Newegg to respond expires today, and since they haven't, WF Bank will simply refund my money and take over on the refund from there. I really DO recommend them as a bank Really helpful and responsive, unlike Newegg and this particular Third Party seller. In the past six months, I have ordered over 50 times from that other company, you know, the one that starts with an "A"...Newegg won't let me name them...gone through this before. All but TWO orders were delivered in TWO days. What happened to the two out of the fifty that were not delivered in two days? Oh right, they were delivered in ONE DAY. In those same six months, I ordered SIX (6) times from Newegg. How many did THEY get right? ONE (1). Yep. Just one. Every other order was late. Or wrong. Or both. 1 out of 6 isn't even acceptable in baseball. That's a 0.167 average. That's nowhere near good enough for me to continue buying from Newegg. And here's the final word on Newegg's lovely response about "...third party sellers are different...". You know what? They're not. Not if YOU want people to continue to buy from you! If there's two classes of purchases, why not send you to two different sites, you could keep calling the ones that will abide by the rules "Newegg" and call the other one...oh I don't know...how about "SLOWEGG"? And have different colors and then maybe people would know that essentially "you'll get your stuff whenever the heck we feel like getting it to you and not before." Sales will plummet. You'd have to drastically lower the prices to compensate. For me, no more Newegg. Can't do it. Not when the competition is 5% more expensive (or less) and can get it to you in 1-3 days, at most. It's just not worth the hassle. Not when MY MONEY has been tied up FOR A MONTH!!! And customer service needs to actually HELP. They haven't done a thing yet on any of this garbage. It's over. 20 years. I'll be shocked if you make it to 21 with this kind of garbage going on. But I won't be here.

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  • Jose V.

4 out of 5 eggs Motherboard defective and could not get money back

I bought a motherboard for my son during Christmas season but it was defective and my only option was to get a replacement when I didn’t want to because i didwant to have issues in the future, so i wanted my money back which they denied

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  • Samantha W.

4 out of 5 eggs Accurate descriptions, great service

The seller provides post delivery help to ensure product is installed correctly. The product description is accurate, and came as described. No issues. Thank you so much!

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