Rosewill RTCA-TN580 High Yield Black Toner Replaces Brother TN-580 TN580 TN-550 TN550

Item #: 9B-28-228-073  |  Mfr. Part #: RTCA-TN580  |  UNSPSC: 44103103
$49.99 Save: $28.00 (56%)
  • Black
  • 7000 Pages
  • Cartridge

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    Top Favorable Review

    Excellent Product

    Product is excellent! We have tried generics in our color printer withouth success (also a brother) but in this black and white one, this Toner works great and is 1/2 the price! Read more
    — Andrew T. 1/9/2010

    Top Critical Review

    Complete Failure-Terrible Product

    Dumped all its toner, ruined printer drum Read more
    — Mark R. 8/2/2011

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    • Dexter M.
    • Verified Owner

    1 out of 5 eggs Worthless

    Pros: The toner worked properly for about a month.

    Cons: I bought Rosewill before and it worked fine, but this time it did not. I am getting dark toner bands on the left side of every sheet of paper now. It is beginning to affect the text. It just looks bad and can be hard to read.

    Bottom Line: I would not recommend that anyone buy this toner. Actually this product deserves no stars.

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    • Aron E.
    • Verified Owner

    1 out of 5 eggs The RTCA-TN580 toner I have just purchased will not fit printers that take a Brother TN-580.

    Pros: In the past these have been good toner refills.

    Cons: The ones I just bought are different and they DO NOT fit my Brother HL-5250DN which takes the Brother TN-580 toner!

    Mislabeled, mispackaged, I don't know. I've submitted a request to Rosewill for a refund.

    Bottom Line: The list of printers on the box is wrong for the TN-580.

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    • John I.

    2 out of 5 eggs Not a good experience

    Pros: It works

    Cons: Excess toner powder all over the outside, dirty, caused problems

    Bottom Line: I don't know if I just got a bad one, but there is toner all over the outside of the cartridge, so much so that it got my drum covered in toner (and my 8440 told me I then needed to clean the drum). Also, there was so much extra toner that it got all over the rollers which now print roller marks on every printed page about 5 inches apart.

    Manufacturer Responses:

    Dear Valued Customer, Thank you very much for purchasing this unit. We strive to provide the most reliable and highest quality products to our customers. Please provide sample print pages and contact our support team to assist you with warranty options. Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 Email: Email2: We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care

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    • Nelson P.
    • Verified Owner

    5 out of 5 eggs TN580 replacement - Great Cartridge

    Pros: High quality copies; lasted 10,000+ copies, most than rated and more than Brother's genuine

    Cons: None.

    Bottom Line: Printer will tell you the cartridge is out well before it actually is. A laser is shown through a hole in the cartridge to measure toner; cover the hole, and get more copies. There's lots of info and video on the web, although not sure if there's one for this specific cartridge.

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    • Steven G.
    • Verified Owner

    5 out of 5 eggs Worked great

    Pros: Worked great. No streaks or other blemishes ever appeared on any of my pages. Clear housing allows you to see when the toner is empty

    Cons: I estimate I received 5000 pages from this toner. Never received a low toner warning.

    Bottom Line: I installed this toner 3 years ago into my printer, and it has never given me a problem. Prints were crisp and clear up until about the last 200 pages or so. I like that I can see the toner in the reservoir.

    I have never tried the OEM TN580 cartridge, so I don't know how this compares as far as yield. The main concerns when buying aftermarket toner are:
    1) Will it damage my printer (ie Spill or leak toner into my printer)
    2) Will the print quality be equivalent to OEM
    3) Will the toner last as long as OEM.

    For items 1 and 2, the toner performed satisfactorily. I cannot judge based on #3 since I have never used the similar OEM product.

    The big question is: Would I buy this again?
    Yes, very much so

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    • chris t.
    • Verified Owner

    5 out of 5 eggs Works great

    Pros: Works as good as OE unit

    Cons: none

    Bottom Line: We use to run down to a big box store like Stap**s and pay over $100 for one toner, we have now been using these. So far the print quality has been as good as OE. Sometime aftermarket toners are hit and miss but so far we haven't gotten a bad one yet.

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    • Anonymous

    2 out of 5 eggs error

    Pros: cheap

    Cons: cheap!

    Bottom Line: Error on the caption If this is a TN-580 replacement, then the other TN number would be 550, NOT 540!

    Manufacturer Responses:

    Please contact the Rosewill support team either via phone at 800-575-9885 or via email at so that we can assist you with your issue. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care

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    • Nelson P.
    • Verified Owner

    4 out of 5 eggs

    Pros: Great deal at this price point, worked well.

    Cons: The Rosewill gave me the first toner out indicator at about 5,000 copies, a bit less than oem.

    Bottom Line: Overall a great deal. You could throw out half the cartridges and still be ahead. Note that I haven't yet coverd the toner sensor window so not sure how many copies will actually get before it totally conks out.

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    • NICK E.

    1 out of 5 eggs Do not believe the Rosewill Mfg response

    Pros: Cheaper than OEM

    Cons: When the toner cartridge is bad there is no recourse and you have wasted your money.

    Bottom Line: Do not believe their "canned" response - to call them to resolve the problem. They lie. They simply do not do anything.

    We had one good Rosewill toner and we also had a bad one (streaks, un-even, right out of the box). Called and emailed to Rosewill. Was told our complaint needed to be forwarded to the correct department.

    When we got no response after a week we called again and got same response from Rosewill. Also tried via email.

    End result - - nothing. Wasted our time with them until we finally gave up. Honestly – I think that is their game plan.

    You need to figure in the cost of the useless products vs the savings compared to OEM. Decide how many of the inevitable bad cartridges (and how much money) you are willing to eat – then proceed with caution.

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    • YiZRi L.
    • Verified Owner

    5 out of 5 eggs Perfect

    Pros: Non-original manufacturer toner is usually risky but this time it proved to be an excellent value. No side effects so far.

    Cons: None.

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