The Lavish Home Goose Neck Desk Lamp is a USB LED light great for local illumination on your desktop or workbench. The energy-saving, long-lasting LED bulb provides bright, natural light, so you can easily see the keyboard or read a book. The goose neck makes it easy to direct the light where you need it. Its retro style can fit any setting, while the compact, sleek design allows easy adjustment and positioning. Available in multiple colors to match your taste.

    Super-Bright Energy-Saving LED Bulb

    Adjustable Goose Neck

    Attached USB Cord

    On/Off Switch

    LED Lifetime: Approximately 10,000 hours

    Brightness: 1100LUX

    71-inch Power Cord


        Length: 5.25 inches

        Width: 5.25 inches

        Height (Maximum): 17.5 inches

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