The TEKTON 23003 Adjustable Wrench is designed to tighten and loosen fasteners in tight and hard-to-reach spaces. With a jaw capacity of 1 inch, and overall length of 8 inches, it is perfect for taking on small automotive- and household repair projects. It also works well to secure a back nut or bolt while tightening or loosening a front nut or bolt with a socket or combination wrench.

Perform smooth and precision operations, thanks to the precision-machined jaw and worm gear, and the dual imperial/metric scales. The durable carbon steel construction with a corrosion-resistant satin chrome finish ensures long-term hassle-free use.

Smooth operation

Precision-machined for a tight fit, the slide jaw and worm gear make contact in three spots for smooth operation and less play. Knurling on the worm guide makes jaw-size adjustment quick and easy.

Dual imperial/metric scales

The jaw opening guide has permanent laser-etched size markings in both metric and imperial scales, which are useful for measuring the size of nuts and bolts.

Quality Construction

Made from drop forged and heat-treated carbon steel, this wrench is sturdy for long-term use. The corrosion-resistant satin chrome plated finish keeps the wrench looking like new by hiding scratch marks that can be seen in regular chrome-finished wrenches. In addition, this TEKTON adjustable wrench meets or exceeds ANSI performance standards.