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Power or juice up your equipment with complete peace of mind. The Panamax MD2-C provides two three-prong AC outlets and one pair of universal CATV/SAT/ANT connectors. Featuring exclusive protect-or-disconnect circuitry, it safeguards all the connected equipment against all surge damages. The EMI/RFI noise filter purifies the electric current by absorbing EMI and RFI noise, ensuring excellent picture and sound quality. You'll appreciate its sleek, thin design with removable, paintable cover and two diagnostic LED lights.

general information

Two AC Outlets

Two three-prong AC outlets are respectively located at the side panels of the surge protector, so you can simultaneously power or charge two devices with bulky transformer-based plugs.

Exclusive Protect-or-Disconnect Circuitry

With protect-or-disconnect circuitry, the Panamax MD2-C completely disconnects AC power to connected equipment in case of a catastrophic surge, such as lightning.

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Coaxial Protection

One pair of universal CATV/SAT/ANT connectors helps protect equipment from electrical surges that travel over low voltage LAN/Tel lines.

EMI/RFI Noise Filtration

Since the surge protector takes advantage of EMI/RFI filtration circuitry, so only filtered power enters your equipment. This means you can enjoy better picture, better sound from your A/V equipment.

general information

Thin Profile. Removable Cover.

Thin and stylish, this unit is only 1.5 inches deep. The removable, paintable cover ensures seamless fit with any décor.

Clever Designs

For added convenience, the Panamax MD2-C has two diagnostic LED lights for Power On/Protection OK and Line Fault. You can also turn cover around to hide diagnostic lights.