Description: Wide
operating voltage range: 4-28V Can output 3.3V power supply Blocking time, adjustable distance Using special signal processing control chip RCWL-9196 Compared with the traditional infrared induction PIR, the penetration detection ability
About pin header: CDS = No connection VIN = 5vdc (+) (9v battery also Ok) OUT = 3.3 vdc signal out when triggered GND = 0vdc (-) 3V3 = No connection (in most applications)
C-TM: Adjust repeat trigger time (default 2 s). Adding a capacitor will give a longer repeat trigger time
R-GN: Detection distance adjustment (default 7 m). Adding a resistor the detection distance will become shorter. If connected with a 1-M resistor, detection range is about 5m
R-CDS: By adding a resistor (in parallel with the internal 1-M resistor), user can change the light detection threshold as per individual requirement. This is applicable only when a light sensor is soldered in its pads (CDS) on the front of the circuit board. A 47100K resistor works fine with standard 5-mm LDRs
Package Included: 5 X RCWL-0516 Module Microwave Radar Sensor 5 X 4P
Bend Pin Headers FAQ:
Q: Can you use the RCWL-0516 with an ESP8266? Or will you get random false positive results?
A: It works with ESP8266 well.
Q: Is the water in the human body responsible for the detection?
A: Probably. I tested it with one empty and one water filled bottle. And even with a cat. And it seems that the bigger the object the further away it can be detected.
Q: Can it be mounted mobile to detect persons?
A: No. The sensor seems to be quite sensible to movement itself. Any movement of the sensor itself seems to trigger the output