Professionals worldwide prefer Proto Industrial Tools for their outstanding quality durability and dependability. Professionals for heavy-duty industrial applications including auto-manufacturing plants steel and airplane manufacturing chemical plants refineries general manufacturing transportation and fleet maintenance for trucking transit and aircraft use Proto Industrial Tools. With a global distribution network Proto Industrial Tools are available on-the-job anywhere in the world. Drive into end of broken pipe or fitting.Use tap holder or wrench on extractor to turn out broken part.Size stamped on extractor refers to drill bit size to be used with that extractor.Use safety goggles, serious eye injury is possible.Pull the wrench toward you, do not push.Do not use extenders or cheater bars.Adjust adjustable wrenches tightly.Strike striking/slugging wrenches squarely, do not overblow or underblow.Use correct size wrenches, do not use fractional wrenches on metric fasteners and vice versa.Use the type of wrench that fits the job.Use a box type wrench if possible.Maintain your balance.Use a commercial lubricant on a corroded fastener.Do not use a damaged wrench, replace.Dia.: 11/64".Length: 2-11/16".