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  • NN-SD775S 1.6 Cu. Ft. Cyclonic Wave Microwave Oven

    When it comes to everything you expect in a microwave, nothing compares with the defrosting, cooking and reheating efficiency of Cyclonic Wave. At every temperature level it circulates heat by way of precision, ultra-efficient 3D waves for easier, more versatile food preparation, even with denser, more complex food textures.

    Microwaving Has Evolved

    Patented Inverter Technology™ delivers a seamless stream of cooking power even at low settings. Not only are foods prepared more quickly across a variety of cooking techniques, you can cook, poach, braise and steam foods to perfection, while also preserving the essential vitamins and nutrients you want in your meals.

    More Everyday Advantages

    Added conveniences include a large 15-in. diameter glass turntable, a timer to cook and reheat in 30-second intervals, a handy delay start feature and child safety lock to keep young hands from operating the oven.

    Great Cooking, No Guesswork

    With Genius Sensor cook/reheat, its easy to create great meals automatically by simply setting power levels and adjusting cooking or defrosting times. The sensor measures the amount of steam produced during cooking and signals the ovens microprocessor to precisely calculate the remaining cooking time.

    Taste the Wave

    Put together, Cyclonic Wave with Inverter Technology provides the fastest, most efficient way to prepare and enjoy more flavorful snacks, sides and meals with perfectly cooked edges and fully heated centers at all temperature levels. Its the ultimate combination in advanced microwave cooking today.

    Inverter Turbo Defrost™

    Turbo Defrost helps prepare food more efficiently. It utilizes a microwave sequencing system based on Inverters continuous-power delivery method to thaw foods more quickly and evenly, with no frozen centers or overcooked edges. At the same time, Turbo Defrost also preserves foods natural flavor, texture and nutrients.

    Elegant Controls

    A blue-illuminated chrome dial, push-button control panel, six-digit LED, 19 preset menu options and 10 power levels provide automatic convenience for hot cereals and omelets, frozen after-school snacks, vegetables, frozen entrees, pasta, potatoes, popcorn and more.

    Sensor Inverter Turbo Defrost

    The microwave oven is also designed with advanced Turbo Defrost to help prepare food more efficiently. It utilizes a microwave sequencing system based on Inverters continuous-power deliver method to thaw foods more evenly and quickly.

    Keep Warm Feature

    Keep vegetables, soups, hors doeuvres, gravies, sauces and desserts warm and delicious until ready to serve for up to 30 minutes. The microwave delivers a pulsing, automatic stream of low microwave power to maintain consistent food temperature levels in foods.

    Choose Countertop or Built-in

    This exceptional countertop model has a minimal exterior footprint to help maximize countertop space. If you prefer your microwave built in to a new or existing wall or cabinet, Panasonic offers stylish, optional stainless-steel trim kits for the built-in model and size you choose.