1. 6 Heat Pipe CPU Radiator: Heat pipe direct-contact process, closely fitting CPU heat dissipation is more efficient. The radiator adopts high-quality pure copper nickel-plated heat pipe, which is resistant to oxidation and keeps as new for a long time. The theoretical TDP of 6-tube can reach 165W, with strong performance. Super gravity 6 heat pipe with strong cooling performance.

2. Radiator Fin: High-density wavy fin with smooth lines and more artistic beauty. The use of 50 widened and thickened fins is conducive to the circulation of cold air and the rapid removal of heat.

3. Cool Light Effect, Large Air Volume: 12 bright ARGB light beads are installed on the fan, supporting 16.8 million color full-color display, and colorful lights penetrate the atomized frosted blades, delicate and full. High-performance FDB bearing fan, strong supercharging fan blade output large air volume.

4. Multifunctional: PWM intelligent temperature control, energy saving, noise reduction, quiet and comfortable. 5V ARGB, enjoy the cool experience of programming 16.8 million colors. It supports the addressable 5V 3-pin ARGB interface to connect the main boards for Asus, for Microstar, for Gigabyte, for Huaqing, etc., realizing software control synchronization, and programmable and customized 16.8 million colors.

5. Strong Compatibility: Support for INTEL 12-generation for LGA 1700 platform and for AMD 5-generation AM5 platform. Strong performance, easy to suppress i7/R7 overclocking CPU. Very good compatibility with most for ATX/M-ATX motherboards.

Fan Size: 120 mm.
Model: AS600.
Color: Black, White (optional).
Fan speed: 800~2000PRM.
Wind pressure: 2.9mmH2O (MAX).
Air volume: 76CFM (MAx).
Noise: = 23dBA.
Bearing type: FDB liquid bearing.
Expected life: More than 100000h.
Rated voltage: DC 12V fan+5V light.
Rated current: 0.45A.
Light type: ARGB divine light synchronization.
Wire length: About 500mm/19.68inch.
Product size: About 120x95x155mm/4.72x3.74x6.10inch.
Fan size: About 120x120x25mm/4.72x4.720.98inch.
Product weight: 0.88KG.

Packing List:
1 x Radiator
1 x Backplane
1 x Limit post set
1 x Thermal silicone grease
1 x Bracket set
1 x Screw set