Sound That Travels to an Event

The Passport Event PA system offers everything you need for captivating sound: two full-range speakers with a 375W power output, a powered mixer, a microphone, and all the cables. The top-mounted handle allows you to move from gig to gig effortlessly. Support for Bluetooth audio streaming offers an easy way to entertain everyone at any event.

Carry them all with one hand!

The Fender Passport Event PA system consists of a mixer and two speakers. The cabinet-release latches allow you to solidly connect the three parts together. Complete with the top-mounted handle, you can carry the Fender Passport Event PA system the way you carry your suitcase. Once you arrive at your destination, just flip the latches open to start working.

Create an ear-pleasing mix

The integrated 7-channel mixer has enough inputs for your entire band and then some. Each channel sports a 2-band EQ, volume, and reverb, so you can dial in the perfect sound.

Feel the burn

Two specially designed speakers with a powerful 375W class-D amplifier give you a large coverage area with exceptional audio clarity. The Fender Passport Event PA system is great for most mid-sized venues.

Ready for any gig

The Fender Passport Event PA system is great for DJs and live performers. You'll love the rich, full sound of this compact and versatile PA. It's also perfect for presentations and speeches. It even has a mono and subwoofer out if you need to expand your system. The Fender Passport Event is ready for any gig!

Play your music via Bluetooth

The Passport Event sports Bluetooth connectivity that lets you stream music from your mobile device directly to the mixer. It doesn't matter what operating system your device runs; as long as it has Bluetooth, you're ready to go!

Everything you need

This self-contained audio system includes a handheld dynamic microphone, an XLR cable, a mic clip, and a zippered pouch.