General InformationManufacturer: Hewlett Packard EnterpriseManufacturer
Part Number: Q2S18BManufacturer
Website Address:
http: //www. hpe.
comBrand Name: HPE
Product Line: StoreFabricProduct
Series: BProduct
Model: SN6650BProduct
Name: StoreFabric SN6650B 32Gb 128/48 Fibre
Channel SwitchMarketing Information: Is there a need to modernize your storage network? The all-flash data center and emerging NVMe storage requires a modern storage network that can keep up with pace of innovation seen with compute and storage resources. The HPE StoreFabric SN6650B 32Gb FC switch is a high-port density building block with 128 Fibre Channel ports that provides the tools to optimize NVMe storage and automate SAN management tasks. It provides 32 Gb SAN connectivity with up to 4 Tbps total system bandwidth for data center consolidation and one of the most demanding all-flash workloads. New automation capabilities enable DevOps resources to automate operations to increase productivity with simple and open automation through open APIs and the Ansible automation engine. The HPE StoreFabric SN6650B enables new insight into NVMe storage fabrics with modern I/O traffic visibility and VM-level granularity to validate and fine-tune performance for better efficiency. FeaturesFlash-Ready Performance Supports up to 4 Tbps bandwidth with very low latency < 780 ns (including FEC) through the use of cut-through switching. Shatters application performance barriers with up to 200 million IOPS utilizing up to 566 million frame switching per second. Delivers up to 384 Gbps of combined in-flight encryption and 192 Gbps of in-flight compression to improve bandwidth and help minimize the risk of unauthorized access.

Built in ASIC enables I/O insight into NVMe/FC storage traffic with VM-level granularity to validate and fine-tune performance for better efficiency. Internal fault-tolerant and enterprise-class RAS features help minimize downtime to support growing mission-critical environments. Easy Manageability with Simple and Open Automation Provides tools to simplify and automate operations enabling DevOps resources to orchestrate SAN resources through open APIs and the Ansible automation engine. Easier integration into third-party tools utilizing a library of templates and scripts (REST APIs) to help deploy applications faster. Supports I/O Insight and VM Insight (included in HPE PowerPack+ software) to provide deeper visibility into FC/NVMe traffic. Enterprise-class Scalability Delivers industry-leading port density with 128 Fibre Channel ports in an elegant 2U form factor. Provides 96 32-Gb SFP+ ports and eight 432-Gb QSFP ports to enable data centers to scale efficiently and deliver more connectivity with fewer switches.
Product Type: Fibre Channel SwitchInterfaces/PortsNumber of Fibre
Channel Ports: 128Media
& PerformanceData Transfer Rate: 32 Gbit/sI/O ExpansionsNumber of Total
Expansion Slots: 48Expansion
Slot Type: SFP+Number of
SFP+ Slots: 96Management
& ProtocolsManageable: YesPhysical
CharacteristicsCompatible Rack Unit: 2UForm
Rack-mountableHeight: 3.4"W
idth: 17.3"D
epth: 24"Weight
(Approximate): 47 lb