The ST122HD4K2-port 4K HDMI splitter lets you share two HDMI displays or projectors with anHDMI-enabled audio /video source device, such as a computer, Blu-ray playerorcable TV set-topbox. With support for Ultra HD (4K) the HDMI splitter ensures astonishing picture quality, fourtimes the resolution of high-definition1080p at30Hz. The 4K splitteris also backwardcompatible with previous HDMI revisions, supporting1080p / 720p HDMI video resolution devices. Even if you don't require4K video today, the ST122HD4K ensures you'll be ready to take advantage of tomorrow's display technology. Save time while setting up your splitter withEDID emulationensuring all of your native settings such asresolution and refresh rate are communicatedbetween your video sourceand displays.

EDID emulationmaximizescompatibility with your 4K display, ensuring a convenient plug-and-play installation. Constructed of solid aluminum, the HDMI splitter casing is heavy enough to prevent the unit from shifting or sliding around when you move the attached HDMI cables. Plus, the small footprintallows for seamless integration into any digital signage application. The ST122HD4Kis backed by a. com 2-year warranty, and free lifetime technical support.