RCA Composite Video Cable - GOLD with Yellow Boot
High performance RCA type Video cables are excellent for connecting DVD or other video devices to your television. The yellow colored boot provides for easy identification and installation. These cables are shielded to prevent unwanted noise and distortion.

3 feet RCA Video Cable
Connectors: Male RCA to Male RCA
GOLD contacts for high performance
Shielded to prevent noise and distortion
Yellow boot matches like connections on devices
Designed to connect video devices
75 Low-Loss RG59/U Coaxial Cables
Molded Gold-Plated RCA Connectors
AWG22 Solid Copper/CCS Center Conductor
100% Aluminum Foil Shield
32x0.12mm Copper/Aluminum Braid
This CABLE for:
DVD Player, DVD Audio Player, SA-CD Player, CD Player, D-VHS Player, Game Console, A/V Receiver, Digital Video Recorder, Satellite Receiver, Digital Cable Box,Computer sound card, Home Theater Personal Computer