• The IntelliSHOT® professional camera makes video collaboration and streaming classes easy and effortless. Equipped with advanced IntelliFrame™ technology, the IntelliSHOT ePTZ camera is the only auto-framing device that can be adjusted based on the room conditions and users preferences. Vaddios IntelliFrame technology is the culmination of years of research and engineering delivering the most precise and reliable autoframing experience.

    Vaddios IntelliSHOT motion tracking camera is the only industry solution that allows AV integrators to adjust the framing experience for speed, sensitivity and image size. Vaddios IntelliFrame technology is the culmination of years of research and engineering delivering the most precise and reliable auto-framing experience.

    Other cameras on the market that rely on facial recognition fail with facial coverings or falsely identify objects like posters on the wall or wood grain on furniture as people. IntelliFrame uses a combination of exceptionally sensitive motion detection and complex algorithm to deliver smooth, accurate and reliable participant framing.

    AV integrators can now promise personalized video performance with every installation. Because IntelliFrame is adjusted via the web interface, it can be fine-tuned remotely by support staff.

    We know there are situations where a user wants full control of the room and so we made it easy to override IntelliFrame by simply steering the camera with the provided remote.

    The IntelliSHOT is perfect for classrooms and conference rooms with a 30x zoom and exceptional image quality. Capture professors and students from across the room in gorgeous detail with our professional-grade image sensor. The camera excels in uneven or darker lighting conditions commonly found in large auditoriums or meeting rooms with bright sunlight or shadows. The IntelliSHOT offers 20x true optical zoom and achieves 30x with IntelliZoom Image Processing. We have included the same IntelliZoom Image Processing that can be found in our award wining RoboSHOT Elite series of camera, ensuring great video at any zoom.

    We know the best presenters dont stand still while engaging with an audience, and with lower quality video cameras, people on the far end of a stream may experience jerky and erratic video. The IntelliSHOT delivers full 1080p high-definition video at high frame rates. It smoothly adjusts between presets panning, tilting and zooming (PTZ) simultaneously for lifelike, professional video results.

    With simultaneous HDMI and USB connections, the IntelliSHOT can be mounted in the back of a room above or below a display - transforming that display into a confidence monitor showing what the camera is capturing via its HDMI output. With the USB 3.0 connection, the camera can be connected to a PC-based recording software or pulled up as the camera and microphone for a Zoom, Teams or Google Meet session.

    The IntelliSHOT is PoE+ powered and the ethernet network connectivity allows you to manage and control the IntelliSHOT via our web-based user interface.

    Vaddio cameras and professional audiovisual equipment are designed, engineered, manufactured and assembled in the United States. We stand behind our products with a three-year warranty.

    Named SCNs 2021 Most Innovative Videoconferencing Product