Salton JK1956 Insulated Digital Kettle, Temperature Controlled, Cordless, Black. Interior wall entirely made of stainless steel. Double wall for better heat retention, cold to the touch. Modern and stylish model with digital touch screen.
Has 4 pre-set temperatures: 70, 80, 90 and 100ºC. Starts quickly when touching the switch. Three-level automatic safety system for safe operation: stops automatically when water boils; automatic safety stop in case of idle operation; stops if the carafe is removed from its base. Concealed heating element for easy cleaning. A jug that can be removed and replaced on the pedestal at any angle (360º). Cord rewinder eliminates clutter on the counter. 1500 W. Capacity of 1.5
SPECIFICATIONS Assembled product length: 8.5
PO Width of assembled product: 6.06 inches
Assembled product height: 9.65 in.
Color family: BLACK
Capacity of capacity: 1.5 L