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The iStarUSA D-407PL rack-mount chassis provides your server maximum reliability and performance. The 4U form factor lets the chassis accept 7 full-height expansion cards and 12"x10" ATX motherboards. It has aluminum and steel for options. With an aluminum body, not only enhance the thermal cooling, but you can also reduce the total weight of D-407PL.

With one internal 3.5" bay, one external 3.5" bays, and seven external 5.25" bays, a total storage capacity up to 9 hard drives, gives you more options of RAID configuration. Power and alarm reset switches are in the front for you to quickly access. Also, the front panel has LED indicators of Power, Fan and HDD, plus two USB ports for quick connection to external devices. The key-lock for the two front doors prevents unauthorized users from accessing to the hard drives. No matter which way you look at it, the iStarUSA D-407PL is a sweet package!

Superior Expandability with 9 Drive Bays

The iStarUSA D-407PL features seven 5.25" external drive bays, one 3.5" external drive bays and one 3.5" internal drive bays for Superior expandability.

Convenient Front I/O Panel

The iStarUSA D-407PL features a convenient front I/O panel for easy access to two USB 2.0 ports.

1. 2mm SECC

The main chassis of the iStarUSA D-407PL is made of 1.2mm-thick SECC Zinc-coated steel (Japan Made) for minimum risk of damage to computer components inside.