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silence redefined define R5

The Fractal Design Define R5 is the next evolution in the widely popular Define Series. Packed with Inteligently designed enthusiast-oriented features delivering a silent case with powerful and expansive air and liquid cooling support, presented in a stunning Scandinavian inspired construction.

The Define R5 case reaches the hightest level of silent computing through strategically placed dense sound-absorbing material, ModuVent™ fan vent covers and finely tuned Dynamic Series fans.

The Define R5 was designed with configurability in mind, accommodating up to 8 hard drives and all modem graphics card. Should you wish to expand your system with water cooling components or more fans the layout can easily be configured to meet your demand.

Optimally designed for silent computing with high density noise-reducing material throughout the case for maximum sound absorption, while not compromising on air-flow and cooling capabilities.


odd cage

The ODD cage can easily be removed to gain additional interior space; the area can be freed up to allow for increased airflow, to provide a new place for HDD cage mounting or to make more room for water cooling components.


Dust Filters

Maintaining a dust-free interior with the help of dust filters that cover front and bottom air intakes that are easy to access from the front on the case.


FAN slot covers

The ModuVent feature has been revamped for the Define R5. ModuVent™ fan slot covers allow the user to Install more fans if desired or keep fan slots covered for maximum sound absorption. New to the ModuVent plates found in the R5 is the tool less design feature, and a solid, fluid look on the outside of the ModuVent plate. The 3 ModuVents on the top of the case can be removed one by one and are wider than ever in order to accommodate space for water-cooling should you wish to go that route.

Tool-free SSD Mounts

Highlighting 2 dedicated SSD mounts cleanly placed behind the motherboard tray that feature innovative new brackets delivering a tool-free installation and removal.

quick release system

The new and innovative Quick Release System on the left side of the case provides secure mounting of the left side panel, yet grants quick and easy access to the system.

configured front door

Newly configured front door offers dual side mounting to better fit your work space and now features the same dense xound absorption material as found on the sides of the case for maximum silent computing.


extensive cooling support

The R5 can house radiators up to 420mm in the top, 360mm in the front, as well as radiators up to 240mm and 140mm in the bottom and rear positions, respectively. And now with 9 fan slots in total, it has never been easier to keep your system as cool and silent at the same time.

water cooling compatibility

  • Front—360, 280, 240, 140 and 120mm radiators of all thicknesses (requires removal of drive bays)
  • Top—420, 360, 280, 240, 140 and 120 mm radiator.
    (A thickness limitation of 55mm for both radiator + fan applies on 420, 280 and 140 mm radiators)
    (420 and 360 mm radiators require removal of the ODD bay)
  • Bottom—120 or 240 mm radiator (Use of radiators in the bottom position limits the PSU length to 165mm)
  • Rear—120 or 140 mm radiator