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Side view of Meshify C - placed in an icy environment with snowflake markers

Meshify strikes an aggressive pose in the Fractal Design lineup with unparalleled cooling performance and a defiant new look.

Like diamond facets, the angular asymmetry of the Meshify C carves a space uniquely its own as a new dominant force in high-airflow design with stealth-inspired aesthetics for exceptional style. A compact yet spacious open layout creates an unrestricted airflow path from front intakes directly through key components to exhaust, ensuring heat is never an issue.

When performance is top priority and compromise is not an option, Meshify has you covered in style.

Meshify C has won many awards
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Meshify C side view


Meshify's distinctive styling features a newly designed angular mesh front panel that maximizes air intake.

Meshify C Airflow Path Demo


An open interior with a full-length, ventilated-steel power supply shroud hides drives and cabling to create an unobstructed airflow path from front intake to rear exhaust.

Meshify C bottom close-up


Sturdy steel trays and vibration-dampening rubber grommets cushion your drives for smooth, quiet and reliable operation.

Meshify C full width IO
Meshify C internal structure display and oversized space close-up


Even the largest enthusiast-class GPUs leave plenty of room for thick triple-fan radiator in the front. The adjustable drive cage can be moved or removed to fit even the lengthiest heavy-duty PSUs.

Five storage devices can be installed on Meshify C


Conceal up to five storage devices with an adjustable and removable drive cage beneath the PSU shroud plus dedicated SSD mounts behind the motherboard tray.

The front section of Meshify C, the top and bottom are disassembled


Removable front, top and base filters channel clean air with effortless maintenance and convenient front access.

Meshify C seven fan positions and parameters


Seven total fan positions allow for extensive air cooling. Two Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP-12 fans come pre-installed for maximum airflow, minimal noise and 100,000-hour life expectancy.

Meshify C support for radiators up to 360mm in the front and 240mm up top and three fans at the bottom


Whatever your liquid cooling ambitions may be, Meshify C can make it happen with support for radiators up to 360mm in the front and 240mm up top.

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Meshify C front view and removable components and two fans Meshify C accessory box contents icon and numbers Available Compatible Accessories: Color Panel For Meshify C + Venturi HP-12 PWM + Adjust R1 ARGB LED Controller + Prisma AL-12 PWM ARGB Fans + Celsius S24 + Celsius S36