Add quiet cooling to your desktop PC that blends in with your system's interior with the Apevia CF12S 120mm transparent case fan. Spinning at 1,700rpm, the fan is able to move more than twice the amount of air as an 80mm fan. Plus, can be used to pull cool air into your system or push hot air out. Either way, the result is a lower overall operating temperature with very little added noise.

The clear plastic fan gives you the benefits of cooling without distracting from your case's interior and is a perfect addition if you have a clear side panel. Simply install the fan, connect it to your power supply's standard 4-pin connector and it's ready to go.

High Performance

Operating at 2000 RPM, the APEVIA CF12S delivers an air flow of up to 35.48 CFM for impressive levels of heat dissipation.

High Reliability

The sleeve bearing fan promises up to 20,000 hours of operating time for impressive levels of reliability.