The Coboc Set-Screw Banana Plugs neatly terminate speaker wire, and provide a secure, positive contact with standard binding posts. You can make a clean, high-quality connection between your speaker and your audio/video receiver, amplifier, or other sound application. For easy polarity identification, each pair comes with one black plug and one red plug. They are sized to fit 12-18 AWG speaker wire.

How to Install Set-Screw Banana Plugs

  1. Unscrew the jacket to reveal the core of the set-screw banana plug.
  2. Feed the bare conductor of the speaker wire into the core of the banana plug. (Loosen the two small screws to accommodate the size of your speaker wire if needed)
  3. Tighten the two screws to secure the speaker wire to the core of the set-screw banana plug.
  4. Replace the jacket over the core.
  5. Your set-screw banana plug is ready for connection.

General information

Premium construction

Coboc does not skimp on materials. The plug's body is made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy. The entire plug is then plated with gold to help prevent corrosion, and to ensure no signal distortion. The heavy-duty aluminum outer casing is durable, and offers a great look.

Ensures a clean, high-quality connection

The Coboc Set-Screw Banana Plug sports a bare conductor and a jacket. The bare conductor incorporates dual opposing set screws to hold the speaker wire in place for the maximum high mechanical conductivity and a secure connection. Once done, put the jacket back on for a clean connection.

Color-coded for easy polarity identification

Color-code the left and right polarities with the Set-Screw Banana Plugs. Each pair includes two banana plugs: one has a black silk-screen, while the other one has a red silk-screen.

RoHS Compliant

Protecting the environment is everyone’s duty. Get the Coboc Set-Screw Banana Plugs to do your part. They are compliant with the RoHS directives.