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The Link Depot DVI-2-HDMI cable offers dual-connection functionality. Connect the DVI video output to a computer or other video source to stream either web or optical disc drive content to your HDMI TV in high-definition resolution. Use the HDMI connector with HDMI-enabled devices to play video content on a DVI-equipped display source.

Types of Devices the HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable Supports

The Link Depot HDMI-DVI interface is an HDMI cable that offers a full home entertainment experience through your computer. However, if you have a display screen with a DVI port, whether monitor, TV or digital projector, you can also use the cable with several popular entertainment devices with HDMI output ports. Those devices include DVD and Blu-ray™ players and Xbox® and PlayStation® video game consoles.

High-Definition Resolution

The Link Depot cable has two male connectors, including a standard 24-pin DVI connector that has thumbscrew connections for secure port installation and a Type A HDMI connector. The HDMI male to DVI male adapter supports high-definition resolution at 1920x1200 as well as standard video formats that function with analog signals.

Smooth Functionality

The gold-plated cable connectors on the HDMI to DVI male cable resist corrosion in humid environments. More importantly, they ensure solid conductivity for clean data transmission. The cable is also plug and play, so you're ready for entertainment as soon as you connect the cable to your device.