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BYTECC DVI-D Dual Link Cable with Gold Plated Connectors and Ferrite Cores

A premium quality cable for connecting DVI-enabled laptops or desktops to DVI-equipped monitors, projectors, HDTVs and or display equipment. This dual-link cable supports resolution up to 2560x1600 @ 60Hz, allowing you to take full advantage of your high-end, large screen display. Strain relief at both connectors protects the cable from being damaged at sharp angle. Ferrite cores safeguard against EMI for better signal quality and clarity. And gold plated connectors and thumb screws ensure a solid, secure connection, eliminating your worry about accidental disconnection.

  • For high-definition and flat-panel monitors, this DVI cable gives uncompromised image fidelity for per-pixel digital accuracy like you've never seen.
  • This cable has male DVI-D connectors on each end.
  • They are dual-link DVI connectors for the highest quality digital signal.
  • Minimum clock frequency: 25.175 MHz
  • Maximum clock frequency in single link is capped up to 3.96 Gbit/s) and in dual link is capped up to 7.92 Gbit/s.

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