The Coboc CL-U2-ABMM-16-BK is a high-performance USB 2.0 A Male to B Male repeater/booster cable. It enables you to easily connect various USB-enabled peripherals (printers/ modems/SSD enclosures etc.) to a USB2.0 host. A built-in active circuitry ensures signal quality and integrity over its entire 16-feet length. It delivers fast data transfer speed of up to 480 Mbps, while its high-quality construction – gold-plated connectors, foil and braid shielding, and twisted pair construction, ensures an interference-free signal transfer. Up to 16ft cable length provides added flexibility. Plus, it’s bus-powered; no external power source is required.

USB 2.0 A Male to B Male Active Repeater/Booster cable

With inline booster/active chipset, this cable ensures good signal quality and integrity over its length, without signal distortion or degradation.

High speed

Compliant with USB2.0 standards, this cable delivers fast data transfer rate of up to 480Mbps, enabling you to transfer data in seconds. It’s also backward compliant with USB1.1 standard.

Minimum signal interference

The gold-plated connectors resist corrosion for signal integrity, while the foil and braid shielding reduces EMI/RFI interference. The twisted pair construction (28AWG TC) helps reduce crosstalk, ensuring high-speed and error-free data transfer. Plus, the Power Line (Vbus/GND) wire provides steady power transmission.