Use the Kaybles SVGA-MF-6FT Cable to extend VGA video signals without sacrificing video quality. It is ideal for high-resolution SVGA applications (1024 x 768 and above). Constructed from 28AWG coaxial conductors, paired video wire, quality double shielding with ferrites, and gold-plated connectors, this cable delivers superior signal transmission while minimizing signal distortion, loss, and ghosting. It is available in several lengths.

Male-to-Female SVGA Cable

This cable features an SVGA male connector at one end, and an SVGA female connector at the other end, ideal for extending VGA signals to a distantly placed VGA monitor. It is designed to provide the highest video quality possible through SVGA.

Quality construction for superior signal quality

Constructed from high-quality UL certified 28AWG coaxial conductors, and paired video wire construction, this cable delivers superior signal integrity. This cable is shielded with ferrite beads, providing superior EMI interference protection. The gold-plated connectors withstand corrosion, and ensure lossless data transmission.

Plug and play

It is very easy to use this cable: simply connect each end to a compatible device. In addition, it features thumbscrews for easy installation.