Featuring a standard USB A male connector on one end, and a USB A female connector on the other, the Kaybles USB-MF-BK-6FT Cable is ideal for extending the reach of a USB cable with an exclusive connector or a fixed device (such as an AC adapter) on one end. It delivers  a high-speed data transfer rate up to 480Mbps, supporting the most demanding PC user applications. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac PCs. Just plug and play, and enjoy a noiseless signal transfer. It is designed with great reliability for peace-of-mind use. Available in several colors and lengths.

Noiseless signal transfer

The foil-and-braid shield works with the metal connector shield to provide protection against noise from electromagnetic and radio-frequency signals, keeping your signal clear with less loss of bandwidth for higher performance.

Plug and play

It is very easy to use: simply connect each end to a compatible device. The molded strain relief connector ensures durability, while the grip treads provide for easy plugging and unplugging. Moreover, the jacket has an ideal thickness that contributes to its great flexibility.

Approvals tell it all

This cable is also UL rated and FCC certified. Use it with confidence!