Equip your bathtub or shower with the Memory Foam Bath Mat from Lavish Home, and enjoy cushy comfort with an extra element of safety. This bath rug features a soft, absorbent top layer and a memory foam core, bringing you the maximum comfort while you dry off. It also provides the added security of slip-resistance when you step out of the bath. A wide range of colors allows you to choose the one you need to perfectly match your bathroom decor. It’s available in blue, white, ivory, platinum, chocolate, and green.

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Ultimate comfort

The bath rug’s top layer is super soft, and can quickly wick away any moisture, making it extra gentle and ultra-absorbent. Filled with a memory foam core, it cushions your feet and feels great while you dry off and get ready for the day.

Non-slip backing

When placed on a dry surface, the slip-resistant polyurethane backing ensures that the bath mat grips firmly to the floor for safety.