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Elevate your PC's cooling with the be quiet! Dark Rock Elite air cooler. This cooler is designed for exceptional performance and style. It features 2 Silent Wings 135mm PWM fans that deliver maximum air pressure and perfect airflow, ensuring efficient and quiet cooling. The innovative front fan mounting system not only enhances usability but also ensures compatibility with RAM. With 7 high-performance heat pipes, this cooler provides immensely high cooling power to keep your system running smoothly.
Choose between Quiet Mode for virtually inaudible operation or Performance Mode for extraordinary cooling performance via a convenient speed switch. Plus, the ARGB LEDs add a touch of visual flair to your system. The special black coating with ceramic particles enables perfect heat transfer while giving the cooler an elegant look. The unmistakable, beefy design makes the Dark Rock Elite a standout addition to any PC setup. Enjoy efficient, quiet, and stylish cooling with this remarkable air cooler.