The  Fuji Instax Mini 9 Ice Blue Instant Print Camera  captures priceless moments in an instant. It features Fujis new lens attachment that offers clear images with crisp details. You can capture small objects by adjusting the focus at a minimum range of 0.6 m. The  Fuji Instax Mini 9 Camera  lets you capture selfies by using the mirror located near the lens. Use auto exposure mode to let the camera determine the correct settings for ISO, aperture, and shutter speed for achieving optimum results. The ergonomic shape of  Instax Mini 9  allows you hold it with comfort.

The  Instax Mini 9  has a 60 mm macro lens that captures high-resolution images. The minimum focus distance of 0.6 m lets you snap close up shots.   Instax Mini 9  features auto exposure function that automatically adjusts aperture, ISO, and shutter speed to get best image quality. You can switch to manual mode for controlling the exposure manually. You can plan your shots with the viewfinder. It has a minimum magnification of 0.37 x and gives clear sight on the final shot.   Instax Mini 9  allows you to take instant selfies with the front mirror located near the camera lens.

The  Fuji Instax Mini 9 instant camera  has an automatic light adjustment flash feature that determines the flash intensity with respect to the brightness level in the scene. Its flash range of 0.6 m - 2.7 m lets you capture well-illuminated images even is dark, dim-lit areas. The minimum recycle time of 0.2 seconds is ideal for snapping multiple photos in an instant. There is an exposure counter that displays the number of pictures taken. The auto power off function turns the power down when the camera is kept on idle for more than five minutes.

The  Instax Mini 9  runs on two AA-type 1.5 V batteries.