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Color: Silver, A Family Company located in the USA, is proud to offer these high quality and durable compression connectors, also known as coax fittings. Compression F81 Connectors, using the F-Pin connection (standard on US Cable systems). Compression Connectors are superior to Crimp and Twist, as they create a waterproof seal at the rear of the connector (the jacket side), and allow a uniform 360 degree connection that keeps the connector on, and the signal tight. Rated from 2MHz 3GHz, this ensures that the coupler will handle all of the signals for DIRECTV, Dish Network, other Satellite, CATV (including Comcast, Charter, Cox, and more), as well as Antennas, VCRs, Cable Internet Modems, and other digital and analog systems. These will pass signal for 75Ohm coax wires. The connector works with most RG6 Coax, including Dual Shield, Tri Shield, and Quad Shield. Exceptional return loss and insertion loss specifications. Shielding effectiveness is greater than -90dB.
Tests Passed: SCTE-103-2004 (DC Contact Resistance); ANSI/SCTE 60-2004 (Moisture Migration Test); ASTM-B117-03 (Salt Spray Test); ANSI/SCTE-99-2004 (Axial Pull Test); SCTE-98-2004 (Tightening Torque); SCTE-73-2002 (Insertion Force); SCTE-48-3-2004 (Shielding Effectiveness); ANSI/SCTE-04-1997 (F Connector Return Loss); SBCA Standards of Physical Dimension Tolerance; and GR-1503-Core, Issue 1, March 1995 (UV Degradation). Connector works with all 21mm "closed" gap tool. We back our product 100%, with easy returns, as well as free technical and customer support.