The COUGAR SL400 power supply is a great blend of performance, quality and affordability demanded by system builders and DIY professionals. Dual +12v rails provide enough power for core components and high voltage stability to keep components safe. Rest assured that the entire system could be well taken care of due to multi-protection circuitry, while the 120mm fan delivers efficient, quiet cooling keeping the PSU always running at peak performance.

400W Output

The COUGAR SL400 delivers 400W of total Max. output power for your entire system. Dual +12V rails with 330W Max. combined output juice up the multi-core CPUs and performance graphics card.

Comprehensive Protection

Over-Voltage-Protection (OVP)/ Over-Power-Protection (OPP)/ Under-Voltage-Protection (UVP)/ Short-Circuit-Protection (SCP) guarantees maximum protection for all the components.

Superior Cooling

Temperature-controlled 120mm fan delivers excellent thermal performance with extremely low noise level, offering peace of mind for both you and co-workers.