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Large capacity. High speed. Excellent reliability. Great compatibility … the Optical Quantum's DVD+R DL discs provide all the advantages you’d expected at a reasonable price, giving you a perfect solution for high volume data backup and HD video recording.


The Optical Quantum Blu-ray Discs are not compatible with all LG 6x, LG 8x, Pioneer 4x, and Pioneer 8x Blu-ray burners. Please go to //opticalquantum.com for more information.

general information

Large Capacity

DVD+R Double Layer design nearly doubles the storage capacity of a standard DVD with two AZO recording layers on a single-sided disc. With a large storage capacity of 8.5GB, the Optical Quantum DVD+R DL disc is the preferred DVD media for video and gaming developers.

general information

High Speed

The Optical Quantum DVD+R DL disc features support for a maximum speed of 8X, letting you record large amounts of data in seconds.