3G/6G/12G/HD-SDI Cable BNC to BNC Digital Video Cable(Belden 1694A;1 feet) Belden 1694A Low Loss Serial Digital Coaxial Cable is an RG6 coax designed to carry several video signals including analog, 4x3 digital (SD-SDI), high definition (HD-SDI) and even 3gig (1080p/50 or 1080p/60). The center conductor is made from true 75 Ohm 18AWG solid copper. This cable is 100% sweep tested and is ready to meet today\u2019s requirements of 6 Gbps data transfer.can be used in professional broadcast applications. Features and Specifications:
Center conductor:
0.40" dia. bare copper Dielectric:
0.180" dia. foamed PEShield:
100% aluminum foil/polyester tape/aluminum foil and 95% coverage tinned copper - give them maximum protection from EMI and RFI,for excellent noise rejection Nominal impedance:
75 ohms-ideal - for audio and videoPVC outer jacket - for durability and long-term protection. Velocity of propagation:
82% Capacitance:
16.2 pF/ft. Nominal attenuation:
0.240 dB/100 ft. @ 1 MHz Overall diameter:
0.274". Serial Digital Data Rates Standard Definition SD-SDI (270 Mbps, ST 259) HD standard HD-SDI (1.483 Gbps, ST 292)3G-SDI (2.97 Gbps, ST 424) 6G-SDI (5.94 Gbps, ST 2081)12G-SDI (11.88 Gbps, ST 2082) NOTE:
50 Ohm BNC connectors are used with 50 Ohm cables. 75 Ohm connectors are used with 75 Ohm cables. 50-ohm cables/connectors work well with old analog video formats. If you are looking for high-quality video output, 50 Ohm will not give you a high-quality level. We are a professional manufacturer. If you need other length Cable, please contact us by email.