What if you could... Help protect confidential documents by releasing print jobs only to the right user? Enhance the security of networked printers by easily and accurately authenticating users? Support a wide variety of proximity cards with one common reader? Meet HIPAA requirements for log-on readers? Solution at a glance Help protect your company's confidential information and control printing access by requiring users to authenticate at your imaging and printing devices with your existing proximity cards. In the past, the wide variety of proximity cards on the market made it expensive and cumbersome to support authentication via cards, HP Common Proximity Card Readers offer support for multiple card formats in a single card reader.

Improve productivity Simplify login at the pr...
Identification Method:
ProximityApplication/Usage: Print
Job AuthenticationCompatibility: Compatible
Cards: HID Prox (125kHz) MiFare 14443A 15693 ( 13.56MH z) HID iCLASS ( 13.56MH z) + Cepas Nedap Sony Felica (NFC Tag Type 3) Octopus (Hong Kong) Oyster (London Canada) ISO 14443B CSN (NFC Tag Type 1) NFC Types 1 3 non-Random CSN MIFARE (Improved Read Range) MIFARE Secure Sector Cotag, GProx-II ID ID Teck Alternate (128 bits)
Isonas HiTag: Improved Read Range RDR-758x Equivalent (iClass CSN, ISO14443A CSN, ISO15693 CSN, MIFARE CSN (Philips, NXP), MIFARE DESFireCSN) RDR 608xxx Equivalent (HID, iCLASS ID, HIP Prox) SIM slot for future card types