• The latest and fastest generation of USB technology is finally here. The most powerful USB docking station, super-fast data transfer and support for up to 8K resolution.

    Crystal clear image quality, fast internet and the ability to transfer data at speeds of over 1GB per second even when using multiple USB ports simultaneously. You can also, of course, connect your headphones or audio and charge your laptop (80W), all using one single cable.

    Thanks to the integrated DP 1.4 protocol, you can connect this dock to a monitor with a resolution of up to 8K (7680 x 4320) with a refresh rate of 30 Hz, which is equivalent to the resolution of four monitors, each at 4K resolution. This makes it the ideal solution for graphic designers, analysts, developers, film editors, or high-definition video enthusiasts and lovers.

    Since USB4 technology is backwards compatible, you can connect this dock not only to laptops and tablets with USB4, but also ThunderboltTM 3/4 and USB-C (must support video transfer). This makes the dock an ideal and flexible solution for businesses and users who run laptops and tablets with different ports.