To meet the requirements of current and future desktop computers, Silverstone created the Strider gold s Series power supplies. The Strider gold s models are all new designs engineered to be the smallest, full-modular ATX power supplies at any wattage levels. The Strider gold s Series includes wattage range from 550W to 1500W for a great variety of applications. With short depth designs, All models in the series are among the world's smallest full-modular ATX PSUs. In addition to 80 plus Gold Level efficiency, The Strider gold s PSUs are built to meet very high standards in electrical performance with 3% Voltage regulation, 3% Ripple & noise, and high amperage single +12V rail.

Other notable features included are 24/7 40 continuous output capability, low-noise fan, and multiple sets of PCI-E cables. For users looking for a power supply with faultless combination of compact size, performance, efficiency, and quality, The Strider gold s Series is the only choice.