1. This adapter has high-quality electrical conductivity, which guarantees the quality of lossless music while ensuring fast data transfer.
2. Suitable for iPod, and other digital devices with 3.5mm compatible plugs.
3. Can be divided into two microphones with microphone function for mobile phones, headphones that support CTIA function.
4. Using high shielding fidelity design, strong anti-interference performance, good signal transmission, minimize attenuation, no current interference and noise, will not attenuate the signal, so it will not have any impact on the sound quality.
5. Applicable to all 3.5MM standard equipment, such as home computer, mobile phone, MP, CD, multi-person sharing.

External network material: fiber optic network
Wire: copper clad aluminum + 128 woven mesh
Leather material: PVC material
Length: about 22cm/8.66in

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1 * Cable
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