1. This product is a signal amplifier host accessory, no signal amplification function, need to cooperate with the host(Host is NOT included).
2. A power splitter is a device that splits the energy of one input signal into two or more outputs of equal or unequal energy.
3. Please allow slight error due to manual measurement. Thanks for your kind understanding.

4 way power splitter - Connect with 4 indoor antennas.
The power splitter can split one channel input signal into 4 channel output equal or unequal signals.
Easy to connect with the indoor antennas, and booster the signal for your cell phones.
Wide Frequency: 800-2500MHz & Low Insertion Loss: 3.1db & Connector Type: N-female
Low noise & High performance.

Type: Power Splitter
Connector type: N-female
Operating frequency: 800-2500MHz
Impedance: 50/N
Insertion loss: 6.1db
Maximum power: 200W
Standing wave ratio: 1:1.3
Material: Metal
Weight: Approx. 253g
Size: Approx. 115 * 112 * 20mm/ 4.5 * 4.4 * 0.8in

Package list:
1 * 4-Way Power Splitter

Installation Requirement:
Connector of power splitter should be N-K type for docking corresponding N connecting head.
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