1. GOOD SOUND QUALITY: Good sound quality will not disturb your ears, enjoy the entertainment audiovisual pure hardware bass boost function, improve the low frequency dynamic range, the explosive bass energy allows you to enjoy the excitement while listening to music, playing games, and watching movies.
2. SMALL AND FULLY UTILIZED: XU09 portable headphone amplifier makes our music more beautiful. Listen to more detailed information about your music. Take headphones to new heights on your smartphone, tablet or computer. No matter what digital music format, from MP3 to DSD, we can make full use of it.
3. POWERFUL DECODING: Equipped with advanced core OPA2604, powerful decoding function, filter capacitor is imported Sanyo patch. Improve performance to level and enjoy 10,000 mastering music. At the same time, it can replace the operational amplifier with high reproducibility.
4. FULL PATCH TECHNOLOGY: Exquisite headphone sound amplifier machine welding, consistent performance. The potentiometer is an imported sealed stepping potentiometer, which has only correct rotation resistance and good hand feeling. The circuit is designed as an arc to avoid electrostatic burrs at corners.
5. ADG TYPE VOLUME CONTROL: Supports headphones with different sensitivity levels. The volume control meets the needs, high impedance or low sensitivity earphones can be controlled, which has the function of tuning and low noise. Turn the volume up (mute), and the noise is basically inaudible.

How to Use:
Plug and play


Item Type: Headphone Amplifier
Model: XU09
Colour: Black
Material: Metal
Function: Enhance the Sound
Scope of Application: Earphon

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