Frequency multiplier is a circuit that allows the output signal frequency to be equal to an integer multiple of the input signal frequency. Input frequency is f1, then the output frequency is f0 = nf1, this coefficient n is 2. Frequency multiplier has a wide range of applications, such as the transmitter frequency multiplier can make the main oscillator oscillation at a lower frequency to improve the frequency stability; frequency equipment uses frequency multiplier to increase the frequency offset; in the phase keying communication machine , The frequency multiplier is an important component of the carrier recovery circuit.


Power supply voltage: no power supply, the use of passive frequency devices.
Input frequency: 4.0-8GHz input, frequency range 8.0--16.0 GHz.
Input power: +10dBm~+15dBm, typical +13dBm input.
Frequency loss: 17dB
Separation degree: 42dB (1F0, 3F0, 4F0)
Size: 5 x 2cm/1.97 x 0.79inch


Package included:
1 x Frequency Multiplier