- HDMI to RCA converter: all in, combine HDMI cable and RCA cable with HDMI to RCA chipset converter, no additional HDMI or RCA cable, plug and play
- Convert HDMI signal (DVD, for PS3, for , etc.) into analogue RCA signal for AV device ( RCA input on an old TV)
- Supports HDMI 1.3, supports HDMI input from 480i to 1080P. Audio synchronisation output with video
- Work with all HDMI and RCA devices: connect the HDMI plug to any device with HDMI output, then connect the RCA end to any screen with RCA Monitor / TV / HDTV / Projector inputs and more
- And power HDMI to RCA converter with 5V / 1A USB power supply via USB power port.
- Input ports: 1xHDMI
- Output ports: 1xRCA (yellow, white, red)
- Input signal format: HDMI 1080P 60Hz.
- Output signal: AV CVBS audio and composite video
- Power supply: USB power cable
- Product cable length: 200 cm
- Black
- Size: approximately 20 x 14 x 2 cm / 7.9 x 5.5 x 0.8 inches
Package includes:
1x HDMI to RCA Converter Cable
1 x user manual
1x HDMI Female Coupler (Options)