Item Type: Encoder
Material: Aluminum + Plastic
Model: Hollow shaft E38H6G5-100B/200B/360B/400B/500B/600B
Shaft: Diameter: Approx. 6mm / 0.2in, 8mm / 0.3in
Working Voltage: 5-24V DC
Comprehensive Speed: 3000-6000 rpm
Maximum Corresponding Frequency: 30KHZ
Number of Phases: AB 2-phase
Cable Length: Approx. 144mm / 5.7in

Package List:
1 x Encoder
3 x Screw
6 x Washer

1. This product is composed of accuracy components, so please be careful not to drop it
2. When installing, if the eccentricity or deviation angle is too large, it will shorten its service life
3. Do not use in strong impact, vibration, corrosive, large magnetic field, high temperature, high humidity and acid?base environment
4. An error in the number of pulses may be caused when the power is turned on or off. After the power is turned on, there is a 0.5S delay time for use.
5. After the product is fixed, do not pull the cable with a force exceeding 29.4N
6. When there is a high?voltage line or power line nearby, please use a conduit to cover the cable
7. When wiring, pay attention not to short?circuit the terminals, and make sure that the wiring is correct. Wrong wiring will damage the internal circuit. It is recomme