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GeIL MEM 16G Desktop Memory

Work Smart, Play Hard

Designed for gamers and content creators, ORION Series makes it possible to create like a pro and game like a master.

GeIL MEM 16G Desktop Memory

Power to Create and Game

Combined with high speed, low latencies and massive memory capacity, it greatly helps gaming in the responsive performance and saving inspiration in the powerful workflows. GeIL ORION series memory is an exceptionally balanced choice designed to satisfy multiple needs, especially for users require both extraordinary performance for gaming and massive memory capacity for multimedia creation.

GeIL MEM 16G Desktop Memory

Match Your Style
with Exquisite Design

Finished in a stylish and stealthy heat spreader of Racing Red and Titanium Gray, ORION series memory easily matches the color theme of your PC components in an understated and aesthetic way. The approximately standard height ensures the best compatibility with most computer cases and CPU coolers on the market with zero mechanical interference.

Extreme Performance and Compatibility

ORION series starts at a clock speed of 2666MHz to 4000MHz, tested by specifically designed patent GeIL DYNA 4 SLT Tester to ensure the best product quality and compatibility.

GeIL MEM 16G Desktop Memory
GeIL MEM 16G Desktop Memory

To guarantee the best product compatibility, GeIL also releases ORION AMD Edition series and ensures zero mechanical interference and solid compatibility on the latest AMD platforms with outstanding performance. It’s available in frequencies from 2666MHz to 4000MHz and densities of 8GB to 32GB.

Performance • Quality • Reliability

XMP 2.0 Support
Equipped with Intel XMP 2.0 profiles for extreme overclocking performance without manual adjustments.

Premier Heat Spreader
Specially designed heat spreader provides superior cooling performance and multiple colors availability.

GeIL DDR4 memory series are thoroughly tested by specifically designed patent GeIL DYNA 4 SLT Tester to promise the best product reliability.