Add more muscle to your computer for faster gaming or better performance in your editing software with WINTEC AMPX system memory.

With 2GB on each DIMM, it's easy to give your computer the speed you want and your programs demand. Enthusiasts will appreciate the CAS 5 latency and low timings. The low 1.8V frequency ensures lower internal temperatures and easier overclocking. Purchase two of these DIMMs and take advantage of dual channel technology on compatible motherboards!

Because heat can slow down performance, WINTEC has included a stylish heatspreader on each DIMM to help dissipate heat quickly. Upgrade your gaming or productivity system today with AMPX memory today!


Designed, optimized and tested for intensive gaming, the AMPX Gamer memory modules feature integrated aluminum heat spreaders (with thermal paste) for optimum thermal dispersion and enhanced performance.

DDR2 800

DDR2 800 delivers incredible performance and platform compatibility with up to 6.4GB/s memory bandwidth for the ultimate work and gaming power!

WINTEC Heat Spreaders

WINTEC heat spreaders with an innovative honeycomb design significantly increase ventilation and heat dissipation through more direct contact to memory ICs.