Adding more RAM is an easy and effective way to improve your system's performance, as more memory often means more responsive multitasking and faster program switching. The G.SKILL DDR3 memory delivers high speed and low latency to address your daily needs in work and entertainment, without a hit on your wallet. Quality components and construction ensure stability and durability you can count on in demanding use. Add this dual channel memory kit to your system and watch the performance skyrocket.

DDR3 1600

The G.SKILL F3-12800CL9D-8GBSK memory kit is rated at 1600MHz to deliver up to 12.8GB bandwidth per channel to deal with the evolving needs of today's operating systems and applications. Cas Latency 9 timing ensures smoother system response.

Heatsink Included

Quality heatsink envelopes the memory module, enabling efficient and even heat dissipation