G.SKILL SO-DIMM memory is exactly what your laptop needs to tackle the most demanding games and applications.

Instantly add 8GB of blinding-fast DDR3 1600 to your laptop with this memory module. Whether you're replacing a slow, manufacturer-installed memory or expanding your capacity, you can't go wrong with G.SKILL. Boosting the performance of your PC with G.SKILL memory will prove to be an outstanding value now and in the future.

Low Voltage, High Performance

Requiring only 1.35V, the G.SKILL low-voltage SO-DIMM memory consumes less power and generates less heat. It is the perfect memory solution to extend your laptop's battery life and enhance its stability.

Boost the Performance of Your Laptop Machines

Want to speed up your laptop? The G.SKILL SO-DIMM memory is here to help! You'll feel the speed upgrade instantly, no matter if you are gaming, programming, multimedia editing, or just surfing around the web! It is one of the smartest and most cost-effective ways to enhance your productivity and computing experience on your laptop!

Best-in-Class Quality

Every G.SKILL SO-DIMM memory kit is 100% validated with G.SKILL rigorous burn-in tests. It ensures every kit delivers perfect stability, performance, and quality for your laptop.